Summer Program

Camp Discovery – Summer 2021 (Ages 3 & up)

Where in the world…?, June 28 – July 9

Discovery kids will take a virtual trip around the world, completing tasks and solving clues to figure out where they
are headed, and get their passports stamped. Students will enjoy the art, food, and culture of countries around the world.

Junior Art Historian, July 12-23

Discover some of the great artists our classrooms are named after! Create your own masterpieces in the styles of Picasso, Renoir, and Matisse. Use various materials and learn the techniques used by the famous artists of long ago that continue to inspire creative minds of today!

Kids In the Kitchen, July 26-August 6

Do you have a budding chef at home? We will start with basic knife skills, kitchen tool lessons, and measurement skills. We’ll then move on to the art of cooking & the science of baking.

In Touch With Nature – August 9 – 20

Come explore Practical Life in the great outdoors. We will tend to a garden, prep and cook on a grill, learn about care
of self, care of the outdoor environment, and develop practical skills for everyday life.

Summer Bridge August 23 – 27

Get ready for the next level by having a Montessori work period each day with refresher lessons and opportunities to practice skills that may have gotten rusty over the summer. This session takes the place of childcare week.

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