Infant & Toddler

At Love of Learning Montessori School we believe that even the youngest child is always learning.  Our Infant/Toddler program gives children the opportunity to be in an environment suited to their size and their developmental needs.  The teachers take the time to set up the environment in a way that encourages the child to be independent and to begin to develop those life skills that will carry him into the Children’s House program and beyond into life.  In order to provide consistency to each child, LOLMS will not move a child from the Infant Program to the Toddler Program just because the child has reached 18 months or from the Toddler Program to the Children’s House program just because the child has turned three.  We believe that it is important to move children when they are both developmentally and emotionally ready.  The Infant Program traditionally spans the age range of 6 weeks to 18 months, while the Toddler Program traditionally spans the age range of 18 months to 3 years old.

Check out this video from the American Montessori Society about the Infant & Toddler Years.

The Infant Program

infantLove of Learning Montessori School is proud to be the first Montessori school in the state of Maryland to offer a Montessori Infant Program. Through careful and loving observation, we make ourselves aware of the special abilities the children have within, and give them the freedom to grow and to become who they are supposed to be. The focus of the infant program is to foster the development of basic trust and to assist the emerging personality by supporting the developing sense of self as a unique and separate individual.

In a Montessori Infant class, the child is respected as a total person. The quality of physical care provided, including holding and feeding, affects the developing personality. Basic trust between the child and the caregiver is built in an environment that responds appropriately to the child’s communication of needs to be loved, respected and accepted. Learning, which leads to the development of independence, occurs when children participate in their daily routines of care of self and care of the environment. Infants learn through their senses, which they do by watching and moving freely in the environment.


The Toddler Program

In a Montessori Toddler program it is important not to rush through snack, lunch, and using the bathroom to get to the “curriculum” because snack, lunch, and the bathroom are a vital part of the curriculum. Maria Montessori discovered that children learn best in a homelike environment filled with developmentally appropriate materials that provide experiences, which contribute to the growth of self-motivated, independent learners.

We believe that a child’s mind is a blank slate and even the youngest child is capable of great htings.  We, at LOLMS, believe that there are three components vital to teaching your child; the child, the adult, and the environment.  Al three of these play an equal role in the experience and education your child will receive while in our care.  The basic aspects of our program include: Independence, Practical Life, Language, Cognitive Development, Socialization, Art, Music and Movement.  The environment and materials are specifically designed with the child in mind.  Everything in the child’s environment is available to them, which encourages independent activity and gives a sense that the learning environment is a special place that belongs to the child.  We may help a child see the intended use of a lesson, but as long as their discovery of the material is respectful to themselves, others and the material itself, we will allow them to freely discover the work.