Discover LOLMS

awningLove of Learning Montessori School is a warm, loving community of parents, teachers, and students working in partnership, sharing strong common values, and preparing students for life. We enroll approximately 100 children, including families from around the world. We are an international community, both in the composition of our students and staff, and in the cross-cultural emphasis of our curriculum.

Our Academics

Love of Learning offers the most robust Montessori curriculum in the area.  Our students are consistenly 2-4 years ahead in math, reading and science than the national norm.  Graduates from our school continuously transition into some of Maryland’s top competitive private schools such as Glenelg Country School, McDonogh School, The Park School, Sandy Spring Friends School, and Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, to name a few.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to facilitate and stimulate collaborative learning. They are intriguing learning environments, alive with wonderful and challenging educational resources, plants, art, and the students’ own creations. The atmosphere is peaceful, which leads most children to become totally absorbed in their studies. We build an environment for the “unhurried mind” to move steadily toward the pursuit of excellence.

Our Teachers

Every one of our classrooms is led by a trained Montessori teacher and our classrooms have a full complement of Montessori materials. Parents choose our school because our teachers are committed to the individual growth of every student. Our teachers work closely with each family to ensure a positive, caring and successful school experience for everyone.

Our Students

Each student is treated with kindness and respect. Students look up to their teachers as mentors, guides, and friends. We set high expectations, stressing the importance of careful work and pride in accomplishment at all levels. In each class, older students encourage and help those who are younger. Because children tend to learn effectively from one another, often the best teacher is someone just a little bit older than themselves. Our students grow up with the sense that they belong to an extended family of parents, teachers, and fellow students.