Middle School

Montessori for the Middle School Years

In a Montessori Adolescent community the goal is for the student to build identity and understand the world in a deeper way. This is broken down into interdisciplinary cycles that are studied over the course of the three middle school years.

Interdisciplinary Cycles

Independence & Interdependence: This cycle asks the question “What does it mean to be independent and how do people function in an interdependent society?” During this cycle students will explore the world around them and how all the people in that world interact with one another. This cycle takes them on a journey through the history of First Americans and indigenous people from around the world, as well as learning how geographical systems impact the relationship between people and the world around them.

Exploring Identity: This cycle asks the question “How are our identities formed and shaped?” This cycle helps students begin to understand where they came from in order to learn more about who they are becoming. They will explore their relationships through DNA and biological development, while also learning about immigration and how it has impacted nations around the world.

Systems: This cycle asks the question “How do systems affect us each day?” In this cycle, students begin to learn how economic systems affect them and their communities. This cycle explores the relationship between choices that humans make and their communities. Students will also learn how the human body is a system and how it interacts with the natural world around it.

Leadership through Stewardship: This cycle asks the question “How can we gain leadership through stewardship?” Students will explore how people in history have been stewards of their communities and the positive impact that had throughout history. They will explore this through research about Abolitionists, the Holocaust and other civil rights movements in our world.

Forces: This cycle asks the question “What are the forces at work in the world and what are their effects?” Students will begin to explore change in the world through revolution. They will begin to understand how different events have created the revolutions that have made the world we live in today, including the American Revolution, French Revolution and the Cultural Revolution.

Power: This cycle asks the question “What is power and what forms does it take?” Throughout this cycle students will learn how power affects the world around them. This will be done through exploration of forces and how energy is transferred and conserved. They will also learn about the misuse of power through social injustice and how it affects them and the world around them.

Structures: This cycle asks the question “How do structures affect everyday life?” During this cycle students will learn the advantages and disadvantages to different governmental structures. They will also explore how the structure of the US government has evolved over our history. They will also learn about the conservation and structure of matter, while learning more about atomic structure and the periodic table of elements.


At Love of Learning Montessori School we believe that children learn everywhere. Our Middle School participates in weekly outings. We will be spending time outside of the school learning about the world around us.

Our Neighborhood Study will consist of learning to map our community. Columbia was built so that each village (neighborhood) could interconnect with the others. Mapping Columbia and understanding the philosophy behind its construction will help students feel more connected to their world and help them identify their place in it.

Service learning is an integral part of adolescent development. At this age adolescents are learning how they can contribute to the world around them and how they can be of service to that world. Participating in various service learning projects, including an internship for the Exploring Identity Cycle.

Our adolescents will also create a micro-economy within their community. This will allow them to fund their various field studies while having them explore the importance of financial sustainability as they grow.