From Our Head of School

Dear Parent,

Like you, I am a parent who has always put an enormous value on my children’s education.  When I began teaching in Puerto Rico and was first introduced to the Montessori method, I was amazed.  I couldn’t imagine that there was an educational method out there for students to learn using their hands, minds, and whole bodies.  After spending some time in the classroom I decided that there was no better method of education for my new child.

After a few years in Columbia, I found that there was something missing from the traditional Elementary schools.  I became trained as a Montessori Elementary teacher and then realized that the best way to change education for my children would be to open my own school.  I began in January of 1983 with thirteen children in my basement and have watched Love of Learning grow into the school you see today.

I knew that my children would not fit the mold of traditional school and I knew that other children wouldn’t either.  My children were true Montessori children: they thought outside the box, could verbally engage in intellectual conversation and were well versed in different cultures.  I didn’t want their spirits to be crushed and knew that other parents felt the same.  Because of this knowledge, I allowed my children to remain in schools where they would be nurtured and where their creativity would blossom.

I have worked hard to select a team of teachers and staff that will provide your child with the same opportunities to learn.  Here at Love of Learning we feel that teaching the child to teach himself is far more important than having hours of specials and acres and acres of rolling hills.  We cultivate the mind here, and as we all know, you can’t take a child’s education away from him.  What they learn here, they know for life and that becomes part of who they are.  The life skills they are taught in our Infant/Toddler and Children’s House levels are harvested in the Elementary and Middle School years and then blossom as they reach adulthood.  I have watched this happen first hand as a mother of three independent thinkers and have watched dozens more move on from our school to become well-rounded adults.

Investing in your child’s education is a lifelong investment, which requires a lot of faith.  It is faith in that which you don’t see immediately and won’t see the benefits of until later in your child’s life.  I thank you for having the trust and faith in us at Love of Learning to take your child’s formative years and help mold them into our world’s future leaders.  The payoff is far better than you will ever imagine.  As a parent I have watched it happen and know it is all well worth it.



C. Awilda Torres

Head of School